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  Art for your Windows Desktop - Free Gallery Quality Photographs & Images

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Free High Quality Bitmap Images
Windows Backgrounds, Desktop Wallpaper
Beautiful photographs and images for your Windows Desktop Background. 
Images are bitmaps a format suitable for Windows 9X and Windows NT desktop backgrounds / wallpaper.

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The photographs and images are very high resolution windows bitmap images All bitmap images are 24 bit color. They will display ok with 16k color. Three resolutions are available for download 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768. Larger versions are available for most bitmaps. These bitmap images make wonderful Windows Backgrounds, Desktop Wallpaper. 

Photographs were shot in Alaska, Washington State, Hawaii, the French Alps, Paris, St. Johns, and other locations in the USA. Includes landscapes, mountains, islands, a great photograph of Mt St. Helens plus many more. Other images are the result of Photoshop and too much time. The desktop wallpaper / backgrounds are pleasing to the eye and friendly to your desktop icons. Please Visit

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